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Double Layer Bubble Wrap 25 cm x 100 Meter
Price RM40.25 RM55.90
Product SKU PKG00042_0.25M X 100M
Size (L x W x H) 64 cm x 64 cm x 27 cm
Availability 200
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⦿ High transparency of film which allow for long shelf life as well as tear resistance.
⦿ Excellent lightweight properties and high degree of flexibility with good toughness.
⦿ Available in various size of bubbles and colour of air bubble wrap as customers’ requirement.
⦿ Excellent staticfree characteristics and regular spaced bubbles as major factor for cushioning.
⦿ Food contact acceptable and outstanding moisture resistance.
⦿ As a reusable material for environmental source reduction and ecology protection.
⦿ Raised air-filled hemisphere of bubbles reduce the vibration during long distance transportation.
⦿ Specially used as a stress reliever which produce popping sound during clicking of bubbles.
⦿ Commonly used for foodstuff packing, electronic instrument packing as well as ceramic packing.
⦿ Widely used as packaging material for protection of fragile products such as glass against damage.

What's in the box

⦿ 1 x Double Layer Bubble ( 0.25M x 100M )